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Paperless Billing

Many companies today are working on moving their customers paperless, but don’t know how to execute on a campaign to move clients over. The return on investment, at the customer level, tends to be approximately 4.2 months. Having customers move immediately is a huge, ongoing cost savings to the organization.

Above this cost savings is the clear environmental benefit. A sample Incoho customer reduced its carbon footprint by 23 thousand pounds of paper per year over a 10,000 customer base.

Return on investment: 4.2 months

Improved customer experience, helping the environment, reducing costs.

Accounts Receivable & Collection

Poorly managed outstanding accounts receivable can debilitate the efficiency of any company, negatively impacting the bottom line, customer relations, working capital, and productivity. Even the best efforts of a company to collect on its own behalf can strain external relationships with customers and suppliers while diverting important internal resources from creating value.

Not surprisingly, most North American companies prefer to outsource debt collection, thereby accessing the most current technology and methodology to resolve balances while allowing their own company to focus on their core competencies. A growing trend is to tightly integrate accounts receivable service providers as soon as invoices are generated so that best practices are utilized from the outset to maximize collection yield.

As a result, more companies are turning to Incoho for their outsourced debt collection and accounts receivable management services. Incoho’s unique model allows us to achieve maximum collection yield while minimizing costs.

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The Incoho Advantage is rooted in our commitment to superior effectiveness, efficiency and experience while maintaining excellent customer service.

Demand Generation

Developing and increasing an effective sales pipeline is crucial for success, but can remain costly and time consuming to maintain. Incoho List Building is designed to help companies accomplish this goal without draining internal resources that are better deployed selling. This service maintains a two-step process – the first is researching leads and developing the initial list. The second is to call into the target companies in order to validate and develop contacts, target email opt-ins, and/or develop warm leads. This allows our clients to focus their internal sales team on making calls to pre-qualified potential clients instead of wasting valuable time cold calling.

We have a team of talented resources that can help your company complete whatever you need. We’ve been around for 20 years. If we can’t do it, we know other partners that can.

24/7 Customer Support

The success of your business is routed in excellent customer service. At Incoho, we have virtual agents that can seamlessly be integrated into your existing team. Whether you need full time support or some extra help during peak times or off hours. Our agents can represent your brand with the utmost professionalism, which leads to positive endorsements and good online reviews for your company. Phone, email or chat. Don’t leave your customers waiting.

Data Management/Web Services

If you have an online store then you probably have a lot of products with unique stock-keeping unit (SKU) or universal product code (UPC). SKUs and UPCs are product codes that track your inventory right down to the most minute details, (color, size, cost, etc.). Managing your SKUs and UPCs are vital for inventory optimization. Know when you need to re order a product, when something has been discontinued or when a product picture doesn’t match with the description online. Incoho can manage your inventory to improve the customer shopping experience and help boost profits by eliminating inventory errors.

Dedicated Bookkeepers

It’s time to invoice your customers and pay your employees, but nothing is organized!!! With a dedicated accounting resource, you can have all your accounting managed on the daily. Poorly managed book keeping can debilitate the efficiency of any company, negatively impacting the bottom line, customer relations, working capital, and productivity. Incoho’s customized reports will allow your team to focus on their core competencies and keep a systematic record of financial transactions.